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What's the difference?

-Plexiglass is fragile in nature with impact resistance
-Tends to chip/crack easily
-Scratches easily
-Will discolor from sunlight
-Use as temporary or household fix where little or no mechanical properties are required.
-Available in many colors and thicknessess
-Lighter weight than glass

-Lexan can be impacted continuously with little or no chips/cracks
-Cost is more than plexiglass
-Lexan is more for use with permanent repairs
-Common in industrial application where mechanical properties are required
-Can scratch easily however a scratch resistant version is available
-Limited colors available
-Various thicknessess available
-Will discolor from sunlight
-Lighter weight than glass
-Certain thicknessess can be used for bullet resistant applications


Please note that we use the terms plexiglass and lexan loosely.  Plexiglas and Lexan are name brand registered trademarks for acrylic and polycarbonate respectively.  From time to time we get different shipments in from different suppliers, therefore we might or might not have the name brand stuff available.  Be assured, however, that we will have the industry equivelent and if needed we can get the name brand stuff pretty darn quick.